Hi, I’m Here (hiih) believes in a world without divisions, a world based on equality, unity, and inclusivity.  Our logo uses a form of text language to remind us that we are all important, all have a right to be here, and are all in this together. With this attitude towards ourselves and others, the world becomes a place filled with connection rather than ranking and division. We believe such a change in perception can transform our world, starting with ourselves.

There is a growing awareness of our connectedness, a unity consciousness emerging alongside of the very divisive issues in today’s world.  As we witness people and animals affected by hurricanes, flooding and devastation, we recognize our shared humanity, and our differences fall away.  Hi, I’m Here is a reminder of this humanity that we can weave into our world that we are creating with our choices every day. Let’s choose love, let’s choose compassion, let’s choose kindness!        #thegoodisrising #hiihequality #presentandvaluable

Beyond right and wrong there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.   – Rumi