Equality and Unity

Hi, I’m Here makes playful shirts with a serious message.  Our shirts have Embracing Equality, Upholding Unity on the back because we believe in a world grounded in compassion and connectedness. The hatred, destruction and death illustrated in the rally in Charlottesville yesterday is a culture we refuse to accept. Hate kills, love gives life.

Many words and emotions have been expressed in the aftermath of the horror.  “What’s Happening in Charlottesville Should Surprise No One” is an interesting article at blackdiasporaproject.com.  The author, Marquise Griffin, points out that “It’s impossible to make someone see your humanity when their entire life and identity is invested in you being subhuman”.

It seems like we have so far to go to get to the world without divisions that Hi, I’m Here believes in.  We will continue to hold this world in our hearts and minds, and print the words on our shirts, as a friendly reminder that we are all in this together.  Our intention is to be a source of love through our words and products, and to create a ripple effect.


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