Keep Working in the Garden

Many years ago I had a vivid dream that has stayed with me, reminding me in moments of doubt or confusion what I am here to do.

I was kneeling in my garden, digging in the dirt – one of my favorite things in the world.  In the distance I could see a large brick structure, a rather imposing building.  As I kept gardening, I became aware that a shutter fell off, then a window fell out.  It was unsettling to watch this building, such a solid part of the landscape, disintegrating before my eyes. I felt afraid, wondering if an earthquake or something was taking place.  What should I do?

Then I felt angels and guides around me.  They were very clear.  I didn’t need to be afraid – the building was falling apart as part of the old Earth.  That which we had looked to as a solid base was that no more.  The new earth was being born, and as I was working in the garden, I was growing it, shaping it. My task was to stay calm, present, focused, and know that all that is Beautiful, Good, and Light is still all around us – in the hearts of people who love, in the beauty all around us  My job was to make manifest that love through my life every moment of everyday.  To love myself, to love others, to love the Earth and the animals.  To treat people with respect, to know that we are all in this together, that there is room for all.

Hi, I’m Here is an expression of this mission – to remind people that we can and are creating our world, beginning with ourselves and radiating outward,  We are here to Grow the Good, to Choose Joy, to be the Light.  As humanly created and non-humanly created disasters swirl around us, remember that our job is to Keep Working in The Garden!

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